This warranty covers most purchases for up to five years from date of purchase (Painted finishes are protected for only two years).  This warranty only protects against defects in material or makeup when used as intended.  This does not cover mishandling, abuse, improper storage or installation, alterations, defective installation, wear and tear.  This warranty is limited to the repair or exchange of parts proven defective under the previous limitations and will not apply to any appliances or products used in conjunction with cabinetry.

Different woods age differently and some color variations are natural considering their environment.

This warranty does not cover labor or replacement/installation costs.  Also, the most cost-efficient way of replacement will be used to fix your problem

Please note that wood often warps because it is taken from a controlled environment to an environment varied in humidity or heat.  Depending on the type of wood, different changes may occur, so please check all differences you notice with us as to determine if the changes are natural in your environment.

Often, painted woods will start to crack or fade around the edges.  This is because the as the wood warps, the paint shifts.  As a result, painted finishes require high maintenance.

Some cabinets may have glazed finishes.  This results in a luster to the wood which can change over time.  Please be aware that glazed finishes require high maintenance.