"My Cabinets are AWESOME"

When I ordered my ready to assemble kitchen cabinets from Wood Kitchen Cabinet Store, I was hesitant.  I was worried that the assembly might be too difficult for me or that the instructions would be unclear.

Boy, was I wrong!  The online order process was a breeze; the cabinets were shipped quickly and look great.  The best part?  I was able to assemble and install them in less than a day!

I am very thrilled with my cabinets!  Sturdy, solid, and beautiful, it’s like I have a whole new kitchen!


"Great Customer Service"

I was able to contact them by email with a question about their product and received a very fast response.  

I am pleased not only with the quality of my purchase, but the experience itself.  I will definitely recommend Wood Kitchen Cabinet Store to all my friends looking for a fast and easy kitchen remodel.


"My Kitchen Was Old"

Outdated didn’t even cover it.  We needed a new look to match our personal style, and we got so much more!

The color goes perfectly with the rest of our house and everything looks new and beautiful.  Installing the all wood cabinets was a snap!  

They were delivered quickly and I was able to assemble and install them by myself before my husband even got home.  What a great surprise!


"Beautiful, Quality Cabinets at the Best Price Around!"

I did a lot of research prior to choosing my cabinets, and the best features for the price I found was at Wood Kitchen Cabinet Store.

I didn’t have to sacrifice anything!  I got 100% real wood kitchen cabinets at a discounted price, what more could you want?


"These Cabinets Helped Us Sell Our House!"

We got a great deal on our cabinets!  

We needed to refresh our kitchen because we were trying to sell our house.  We had been on the market for 6 months, but no one was interested.  When we started updating our house we were on a tight budget but didn’t want to cut corners on the renovations.

We discovered Wood Kitchen Cabinets Store online and found the look and pricing we had been searching for. Fast shipping and easy to understand manuals allowed us to save even more money by selecting RTA cabinets and update the whole feel of our kitchen ourselves.

Being a planner, I was able to use their free design tool which helped me see exactly how my new cabinets would look in our kitchen.  There were no risks and no surprises; it really put my mind at ease.

After the updates we received a lot more interest and were finally able to sell our home!  Now I’m searching for cabinets for our new house.  I know I’ll find what I want and need on woodkitchencabinets.com!  

Everything is great and easy to install, so I don’t have to worry about anything.


"Super Easy!"

I am a busy mom and wanted to do something nice for my house.  I decided to remodel my kitchen because that is where my family spends most of our time.  Between homework at the kitchen table to family meals, it seems like we’re always in the kitchen!

I searched for days doing research and trying to find the best options for our cabinets.  I wanted the best quality I could find to make sure everything was durable and could withstand the stress my kids would put on it.  

Hardware stores and contractors were very expensive!  What’s worse is a lot of their samples were made from sub-par materials like particle board!  That wouldn’t do in our home.  So, I turned to the internet for answers.

I was able to find amazing all wood kitchen cabinets at Wood Kitchen Cabinet Store at a price I could afford.  I saved even more money by choosing RTA cabinets, and the extra work was minimal.  We were able assemble and install all the cabinets on our own with no frustrations at all!  My husband now fancies himself a contractor!

We are more than thrilled with our cabinets from Wood Kitchen Cabinet Store!


"Great Cabinets!"

As a contractor, we are always looking for ways to save our customers money without compromising quality.  When we buy a product, we want to be sure that it will last and look beautiful in someone’s home.  It’s not just the name of the product, but our name at stake if we were to provide sub-par products.

We have never had that problem from the products we get from Wood Kitchen Cabinet Store.  Our customers are always happy and we’re able to save them money on the cabinets and the installation fees!

I know I will get all wood kitchen cabinets at the best possible prices, so I don’t have to worry about anything.  

I’ve even bought new cabinets for my kitchen at home because I know I am getting the best bang for my buck.